Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Author: Charles Dickens | Published: 1838

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is a timeless classic written by Charles Dickens in 1837. The novel follows the life of the titular character Oliver Twist, a poor orphan living in England. Oliver is sent to a workhouse at the age of nine and is later apprenticed to an undertaker. Along his journey, Oliver faces various obstacles, including poverty, crime, and homelessness, and meets many characters that range from kind to cruel. During his quest for independence and love, Oliver finds himself in the middle of criminal activities like pickpocketing and robbery. His courage and resilience help him to overcome all odds as he strives to make something better out of his life.

Through its daring protagonist, Oliver Twist provides readers with an inspiring tale of hope and redemption while commenting on social issues such as poverty and injustice. It has become one of the most popular books ever written, with numerous stage adaptations, film versions, and even musicals produced over the years. A must-read for anyone who loves stories about courage and determination! With its strong characters, gripping plot, and vivid descriptions, it is no wonder why Oliver Twist remains one of the most beloved works of literature of all time. Find out more about Oliver Twist at sevenov.com.

Notable characters in Oliver Twist: Oliver Twist, Mr. Bumble, Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry, Noah Claypole, Mr. Brownlow, Rose Maylie, Harry Maylie, Fagin, Bill Sikes, The Artful Dodger

About Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the most beloved and widely read authors in English literature. His works are known for their vivid characters and intricate storylines that help explore Victorian-era social issues. Born in Portsmouth, England, on February 7th, 1812, he began his career as a parliamentary journalist before becoming an acclaimed novelist.

The works of Charles Dickens were created during a period of great poverty and inequality in England. He wrote about injustices against women, children, and the working class in books such as Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. Through his writing, he explored themes such as loyalty, justice, poverty, and ambition that still resonate with readers today. In addition to these moral messages within his work, Charles Dickens also had an incredible gift for creating strong characters with unique personalities, many of whom have become iconic figures throughout literature. Find out more about Charles Dickens at sevenov.com.

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