The Battle of Life: A Love Story

Sevenov September 23, 2022

The Battle of Life: A Love Story by Charles Dickens

Author: Charles Dickens | Published: 1846

The Battle of Life

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About Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the most renowned and beloved authors in history. His works are timeless classics that have been read, studied, and adapted for generations. He was born on February 7th, 1812 in Portsmouth England, and he lived until June 9th 1870. Dickens had a hardscrabble life growing up as his father was thrown into debtors’ prison when Dickens was twelve years old. Forced to work in a boot-blackening factory at such a young age left an indelible mark on the young writer, who would later use these experiences as fodder for many of his literary works

In addition to being known for his numerous novels such as Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, and David Copperfield, Dickens was also known for creating some of the most memorable characters in literary history. His iconic figures like Ebenezer Scrooge, Miss Havisham, Pip, Fagin and countless others continue to capture readers' imaginations today. Find out more about Charles Dickens.

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