Tom Tiddler’s Ground

Sevenov September 28, 2022

Tom Tiddler's Ground by Charles Dickens

Author: Charles Dickens | Published: 1861

Tom Tiddler's Ground

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About Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the most famous and beloved authors in history. His works have been adapted for stage, television, film, and radio performances since his death in 1870. He has become a synonym for Victorian literature and his stories are still as relevant today as they were when they were first published.

Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England on February 7th 1812 to John and Elizabeth Dickens. His father worked as a clerk at the Navy Pay Office while his mother took care of the children. Although he experienced poverty during his childhood, it provided much of the inspiration for many of his novels later on in life. At an early age, Charles was sent to work at Warren’s Blacking Factory where he learned about social injustice he would later write about so passionately. Find out more about Charles Dickens.

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