The Search After Happiness

Sevenov August 23, 2022

The Search After Happiness by Charlotte Brontë

Author: Charlotte Brontë | Published: -

Original title: The Search After Hapiness [sic]: A Tale

The Search After Happiness Synopsis

The Search After Happiness is set in the imaginary world of Glass Town, which Charlotte created with her brother, Branwell.

Excerpt from The Search After Happiness Online Book

NOT many years ago there lived in a certain city a person of the name of Henry O'Donell, in figure he was tall of a dark complexion and searching black eye, his mind was strong and unbending his disposition uncosiable and though respected by many he was loved by few. the city where he resided was very great and magnificent it was governed by a warior a mighty man of valour whose deeds had resounded to the ends of the earth. this soldier had 2 son's who were at that time of the seperate age's of 6 and 7 years Henry—O'Donell was a nobleman of great consequence in the city and a peculiar favourite with the governor before whose glance his stern mind would bow and at his comand O'Donells selfwill would be overcome and while playing with the young princes he would forget his usual sulleness of demeanour the day's of his childhood returned upon him and he would be a merry as the youngest who was gay indeed. one day at court a quarrel ensued between him and another noble words came to blows and O'Donell struck his oponent a violent blow on the left cheek at this the miliatry King started up and commanded O'Donell to apologize this he imediatly did, but from that hour the spell of discontent seemed to have been cast over him and he resolved to quit the city. the evening before he put this resolution into practise he had an interview with the King and returned quite an altered man.

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