The Scandal Detectives

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The Scandal Detectives by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald | Published: April 28, 1928

The Scandal Detectives Synopsis

"The Scandal Detectives" is a short story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. It was published in The Saturday Evening Post on April 28, 1928, and in Taps on Reveille in 1935. This short story is a part of the Basil Duke Lee compilation. Basil and Riply have a book named The Book of Scandal, filled with gossip they hear about the people in their circle. This book consists of the abominable actions of their peers. As the book's writers, Basil and Riply call themselves the Scandal Detectives.

Excerpt from The Scandal Detectives Online Book

It was a hot afternoon in May and Mrs. Buckner thought that a pitcher of fruit lemonade might prevent the boys from filling up on ice cream at the drugstore. She belonged to that generation, since retired, upon whom the great revolution in American family life was to be visited; but at that time she believed that her children's relation to her was as much as hers had been to her parents, for this was more than twenty years ago.

Some generations are close to those that succeed them; between others, the gap is infinite and unbridgeable. Mrs. Buckner--a woman of character, a member of Society in a large Middle-Western city--carrying a pitcher of fruit lemonade through her own spacious backyard, was progressing across a hundred years.

About F. Scott Fitzgerald

Born September 24, 1896, F. Scott Fitzgerald is a renowned American writer and is considered one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. He wrote novels and contributed short stories for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, Esquire, The Smart Set, etc. The Great Gatsby is his most iconic and well-known masterpiece. His novels are known for their vivid depictions of the Jazz Age, a period of significant social and cultural change in America during the 1920s. Find out more about F. Scott Fitzgerald at

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