The Poems and Verses of Charles Dickens

Sevenov October 21, 2022

The Poems and Verses of Charles Dickens

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The Poems and Verses of Charles Dickens

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About Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the most celebrated authors in literature, remembered for his works which still resonate today. His novels are known for their dark humor, vivid characters and social commentary on the issues of his time.

Born on February 7th, 1812 in Portsmouth, England as the second of eight children to John and Elizabeth Dickens, Charles Dickens was brought up in a family that faced financial struggles and hardships due to his father's mismanagement of money. Despite this difficulty during his childhood years, he would later draw upon these experiences to create some of the most memorable characters ever written throughout his career as an author.

Throughout his career, Dickens wrote 15 novels, five novellas, over 50 short stories, and hundreds of essays and articles. He also edited magazines and became a successful public reader in later life. Find out more about Charles Dickens.