The Night Before Christmas

Sevenov September 2, 2022

The Night Before Christmas by Nikolai Gogol

Author: Nikolai Gogol | Published: 1830

The Night Before Christmas Synopsis


The last day before Christmas had just closed. A bright winter night had come on, stars had appeared, and the moon rose majestically in the heavens to shine upon good men and the whole of the world, so that they might gaily sing carols and hymns in praise of the nativity of Christ. The frost had grown more severe than during the day; but, to make up for this, everything had become so still that the crisping of the snow under foot might be heard nearly half a verst round. As yet there was not a single group of young peasants to be seen under the windows of the cottages; the moon alone peeped stealthily in at them, as if inviting the maidens, who were decking themselves, to make haste and have a run on the crisp snow. Suddenly, out of the chimney of one of the cottages, volumes of smoke ascended in clouds towards the heavens, and in the midst of those clouds rose, on a besom, a witch.

About Nikolai Gogol

Nikolai Gogol (1809-1852) was a renowned Russian writer, playwright and satirist who is widely renowned as one of the major figures in 19th century Russia. His work is known for its dark and eccentric humor, as well as its profound influence on the literary landscape of his native country. Throughout his career, Gogol wrote both short stories and longer works - including novels such as Dead Souls - that established him as an innovative voice in Russian literature.

Gogol's works draw heavily from his own life experiences and the lives of those around him. In addition to writing about traditional Russian themes such as poverty, superstition, and rural life, he also explored more contemporary topics like bureaucracy and corruption. He often used his characters to comment on societal issues in a way that was both humorous and thought-provoking. Find out more about Nikolai Gogol at

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