Tarquin Of Cheapside

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Tarquin Of Cheapside by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald | Published: 1917

Tarquin Of Cheapside Synopsis

"Tarquin of Cheapside" was initially published in Nassau Literary Magazine in April 1917, and later in The Smart Set in February 1921. This short story was first published in book form in Tales of the Jazz Age in 1922. "Tarquin of Cheapside" is a product of Fitzgerald's undergraduate days at Princeton. Fitzgerald's writing style is evocative and intricate, giving the reader a clear picture. "Tarquin of Cheapside" was one of his earliest works, foreshadowing his literary style. This short story has what the reader may describe as a big gimmick.

The story begins with the invisible narrator in Wessel Caster's house. Wessel is unexpectedly interrupted by a furious beating at his front door. As Wessel opens the door, he discovers a man by the name Soft shoes, who is worn out and afraid.

Excerpt from Tarquin of Cheapside Online Book

Running footsteps—light, soft-soled shoes made of curious leathery cloth brought from Ceylon setting the pace; thick flowing boots, two pairs, dark blue and gilt, reflecting the moonlight in blunt gleams and splotches, following a stone's throw behind.

Soft Shoes flashes through a patch of moonlight, then darts into a blind labyrinth of alleys and becomes only an intermittent scuffle ahead somewhere in the enfolding darkness. In go Flowing Boots, with short swords lurching and long plumes awry, finding a breath to curse God and the black lanes of London.

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About F. Scott Fitzgerald

Born in 1896, Francis Scott Fitzgerald was raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, by his parents, Mary and Edward Fitzgerald. After attending Princeton University for three years, he enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War I and then went on to write several stories published in magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and Colliers Weekly. During this period, he also wrote his first novel, This Side of Paradise, published shortly after his discharge from the military.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is widely regarded as one of the iconic literary writers of the 20th century and considered a member of the "lost generation." The Great Gatsby is Fitzgerald's best-known novel, an iconic American classic. His works are often associated with the "Roaring Twenties," a period marked by a sudden surge in prosperity and consumerism. Fitzgerald authored many short stories that explored themes of youth, promise, and despair. Find out more about F. Scott Fitzgerald at sevenov.com.

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