Tales from Dickens

Sevenov October 13, 2022

Tales from Dickens by Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives

Author: Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives | Published: 1905

Tales from Dickens

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About Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, a celebrated English novelist of the 19th century, is widely regarded as one of the greatest writers in the history of literature. Born in 1812 to John and Elizabeth Dickens, he was raised in London amidst poverty that provided him with an immense insight into life during the Industrial Revolution. As a youth he experienced several hardships, including being forced to work at a boot-blacking factory when his family fell into debt. Despite these hardships, Charles Dickens used his experiences as inspiration for some of his most famous works such as Oliver Twist and A Tales of Two Cities.

His well-known novels were full of memorable characters that captured the imagination and hearts of readers around the world. He wrote timeless stories with social commentary which highlighted class inequality and other forms of injustice that were overlooked by society at large. Find out more about Charles Dickens.

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