Somebody’s Luggage

Sevenov September 28, 2022

Somebody's Luggage by Charles Dickens

Author: Charles Dickens | Published: 1862

Somebody's Luggage

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About Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the most well-known and celebrated authors in English literature. He wrote numerous novels, many of which have been adapted into films, plays and popular television series. Charles Dickens was born on February 7th, 1812 in Portsmouth, England to John and Elizabeth Dickens. His vivid characters and storylines reflect his own upbringing and experience as a young man struggling to make ends meet during a turbulent period of British history.

As an adult Charles Dickens became known for his realistic depictions of people living in poverty during the Victorian era. His novels often focused on social criticism about the injustices faced by those living under oppressive government rulings. As his fame grew, so did the popularity of his work; books such as Oliver Twist and Great Expectations are among some of his most famous titles that continue to be read today around the world.

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