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Rosmersholm by Henrik Ibsen

Author: Henrik Ibsen | Published: 1886

Rosmersholm Synopsis

Rosmersholm revolves around Johannes Rosmer and his resident, Rebecca West, who are haunted by the suicide of Rosmer’s late wife.

About Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen is one of the most influential and important figures in the history of literature. He was a Norwegian playwright, poet, theatre director and founder of modernism in theatre. His works have had an immense influence on both Scandinavian and European drama.

Ibsen is renowned for his groundbreaking realistic dramas which replaced traditional melodramas that had been popular for centuries prior to his work. He made use of everyday language and social themes to bring attention to areas such as women’s rights and marriage laws, making him a pioneer in progressive thought. His plays include classics such as A Doll’s House, Hedda Gabler, and The Wild Duck which are still studied today by students all over the world. Find out more about Henrik Ibsen at

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