Richard Coeur de Lion and Blondel

Sevenov August 23, 2022

Richard Coeur de Lion and Blondel by Charlotte Brontë

Author: Charlotte Brontë | Published: -

Richard Coeur de Lion and Blondel Synopsis

Richard Coeur de Lion and Blondel is a poem about a legend surrounding King Richard I of England for his bravery in war.

Excerpt from Richard Coeur de Lion and Blondel Online Book

The blush, the light, the gorgeous glow of Eve

Waned from the radiant chambers of the west;

Now, twilight’s robe, dim, orient shadows weave:

One star, gleams faintly lustrous, in the east;

Far down it shines, on the blue Danube’s breast,

As calmly, wavelessly its waters glide

On to th’ appointed regions of their rest,

The Sea, profound and hoary, waste and wide;

Whose black’ning billows swell in ever restless pride.

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