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Magnetism by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald | Published: March 3, 1928

Magnetism Synopsis

"Magnetism" is a short story written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. It was published in The Saturday Evening Post on March 3, 1928. George Hannaford is an actor married to an actress named Kay Tomkins. They are a Hollywood good-looking couple, and the public sees their marriage as ideal. However, after the birth of their new baby, their marriage is not as beautiful as it seems. One night after a party, George finds a mysterious man in his library, and the man demands fifty thousand dollars from him.

Excerpt from Magnetism Online Book

The pleasant, ostentatious boulevard was lined at prosperous intervals with New England Colonial houses--without ship models in the hall. When the inhabitants moved out here the ship models had at last been given to the children. The next street was a complete exhibit of the Spanish-bungalow phase of West Coast architecture; while two streets over, the cylindrical windows and round towers of 1897--melancholy antiques which sheltered swamis, yogis, fortune tellers, dressmakers, dancing teachers, art academies and chiropractors--looked down now upon brisk buses and trolley cars. A little walk around the block could, if you were feeling old that day, be a discouraging affair.

About F. Scott Fitzgerald

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1896, F. Scott Fitzgerald became one of the most successful authors of his time and is considered a key figure in American literature. His works include celebrated novels such as The Great Gatsby, and Tender is the Night and short stories published in magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post. In his stories, Fitzgerald explored themes such as youth, privilege, and materialism prevalent during this prosperous period. His writing style was characterized by an elegant use of language and evocative imagery that continues to captivate readers today. Find out more about F. Scott Fitzgerald at

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