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Essays and Lectures by Oscar Wilde

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Essays and Lectures


With the exception of the Poems in Prose this volume does not contain anything which the author ever contemplated reprinting. The Rise of Historical Criticism is interesting to admirers of his work, however, because it shows the development of his style and the wide intellectual range distinguishing the least borné of all the late Victorian writers, with the possible exception of Ruskin. It belongs to Wilde’s Oxford days when he was the unsuccessful competitor for the Chancellor’s English Essay Prize. Perhaps Magdalen, which has never forgiven herself for nurturing the author of Ravenna, may be felicitated on having escaped the further intolerable honour that she might have suffered by seeing crowned again with paltry academic parsley the most highly gifted of all her children in the last century.

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About Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was one of the most iconic figures in literature and culture during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, making an indelible mark on society with his distinctive writing style and wit. Born in Dublin, Ireland on October 16th, 1854, Wilde attended prestigious schools such as Trinity College Dublin before travelling to Oxford University where he studied classical studies amongst other subjects. While at university, Wilde wrote for various publications including The Chameleon Magazine and The Oxford Union Debating Society which gave him a platform for his unique literary style.

Wilde's works have had a lasting impact on modern day culture ranging from novels such as The Picture of Dorian Gray to plays like Lady Windermere's Fan. Additionally, his life has been documented in a variety of biographies detailing both his personal struggles due to his sexuality as well as his professional successes throughout his career. Find out more about Oscar Wilde.

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