Diary of a Madman

Sevenov September 2, 2022

Diary of a Madman by Nikolai Gogol

Author: Nikolai Gogol | Published: 1835

Diary of a Madman Synopsis

Diary of a Madman, by Nikolai Gogol, is an influential and timeless work of Russian literature. Its themes of alienation and insanity have made it one of the most widely read works in modern history. Written in 1835, this classic story follows the life of Poprishchin, an obscure government clerk who slowly starts to lose touch with reality as his delusions become increasingly powerful.

As he begins to believe himself to be a nobleman in disguise and various other characters from his fantasies come into play, he takes us on a journey through his mad mind which leads him ever closer to total madness. Through Gogol's masterful use of irony and satire we get a glimpse into Poprishchin's inner world; his loneliness and despair are mirrored in our own lives as we ponder over what might have been had circumstances been different for him.

About Nikolai Gogol

Nikolai Gogol, the renowned Russian writer, is widely regarded as one of the greatest authors in history. Born in 1809 and active in the early 19th century, Gogol's works have endured centuries and remain amongst some of the most read pieces of literature today.

Gogol's writing style was unique and distinctively his own; a mix of realism and fantasy that often delved deep into fiction. His works gave rise to a new genre known as 'magical realism'—a combination of elements from both traditional realist literature with supernatural or magical components. He is best known for his satirical plays such as The Government Inspector (1836) and Dead Souls (1842). His stories also had an influence on later generations, inspiring many authors including Dostoevsky, Bulgakov and Kafka. Find out more about Nikolai Gogol at sevenov.com.

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