Cottage Poems

Sevenov August 23, 2022

Cottage Poems by Patrick Brontë

Author: Patrick Brontë | Published: 1810

Cottage Poems Book Summary

Cottage Poems by Reverend Patrick Brontë is a collection of moral verse and a reflection of his religious beliefs, which were deeply rooted in the Church of England. He explores various religious topics through his poetic works, such as the importance of faith, the wonders of nature, and the power of prayer. His collection will appeal to poetry lovers and fans of the famous Brontë literary family.

About Patrick Brontë

Patrick Brunty (1777 – 1861) was an Irish Anglican priest and writer born in County Down, Ireland, on March 17th, 1777. Patrick adopted the name Brontë in 1802 when he enrolled in St. John's College, Cambridge. Patrick married Maria Branwell in 1812, and they had six children together - Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Patrick Branwell, Emily, and Anne. He is well-known as the father of the world-renowned Brontë sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë. Sadly, his wife passed away in 1821.

The works of the Brontë family have been a part of the western literary canon for almost two centuries. Established authors Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë are widely celebrated and known; however, Patrick Brontë, their father, is often overlooked as an integral part of their literary legacy. Find out more about Patrick Brontë at