Black Beauty Young Folks’ Edition

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Black Beauty Young Folks' Edition by Anna Sewell | Free Ebook

Author: Anna Sewell | Published: 24 November 1877

Black Beauty Young Folks Edition Book Summary

Black Beauty was Anna Sewell's only novel. Published in 1877, it is considered a classic of children's literature. The novel is an autobiography of a black horse named Black Beauty and his life experiences; Black Beauty is the story's main narrator. It is thought to be the first of its kind to tell a story from the horse's perspective and has been credited with raising awareness of the bad treatment of horses during the nineteenth century. Anna Sewell hopes that through the adventures and misadventures of Black Beauty, the story will "induce kindness, sympathy, and an understanding treatment of horses."

The novel starts with the life of Black Beauty as a young horse, growing up in the English countryside with his mother, Duchess. He is described as a strong horse but also gentle and kind-hearted. As he moves through different homes, he experiences the good and bad of human treatment of horses. Throughout his journey, he encounters loving masters, cruel owners, and various characters that shape his life.

The central theme of Black Beauty is the mistreatment of horses and the consequences of this ill-treatment. Through Black Beauty's eyes, we see how human cruelty can affect an animal, both physically and emotionally. We observe how the horse's health and well-being can suffer and how the lack of proper care can lead to physical and psychological trauma.

This book is an abridged version suitable for young readers and kids. The unabridged version of Black Beauty is also available on PageVio.

About Anna Sewell

Anna Sewell was an English author best known for her novel only Black Beauty. Born in 1820 in Norfolk, England, She was the daughter of Issac Philip Sewell, a businessman, and Mary Wright Sewell, a successful author of children's books. At the age of fourteen, Anna had a serious accident, leaving her disabled with limited mobility for the rest of her life. This resulted in her frequently using horse-drawn carriages. The book grew from her experiences with horses and her growing awareness of animal cruelty and mistreatment in Victorian England. Find out more about Anna Sewell.

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