Black Beauty

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Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Author: Anna Sewell | Published: 24 November 1877

Black Beauty Book Summary

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is one of the most beloved and iconic pieces of literature ever written. First published in 1877, this autobiography of a horse is narrated by a black horse named Black Beauty. Through the course of the novel, readers can experience the many trials that Black Beauty and his fellow horses experience, giving insight into the treatment of horses in the 19th century. The novel is a powerful statement on animal welfare that encourages us to think about our actions and how they can affect animals’ lives.

About Anna Sewell

Author Anna Sewell was born in Norfolk, England, on March 30, 1820. She was the eldest daughter of a Quaker family and had a younger brother. In 1834, when Sewell was fourteen, she suffered a severe accident and was disabled for the rest of her life. Her declining health marked the last year of her life. Anna fell seriously ill and was eventually confined to her bed. Anna Sewell never lived long enough to see the success of her book, as she passed away a few months after the book was published. Find out more about Anna Sewell.

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