Agnes Grey

Sevenov August 18, 2022

Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë

Author: Anne Brontë | Published: December 1847

Agnes Grey Book Summary

Anne Bronte's first novel, Agnes Grey, was published in 1847. It is the story of Agnes Grey, a governess, and her experience in the world of upper-class society. Agnes Grey was based mainly on Anne Brontë's own experiences as a governess.

Agnes Grey is the daughter of Richard Grey. Although Mr. Grey works to improve the family's financial standing, a tragic investment loss plunges them into debt. Agnes, her sister Mary and their mother try to keep expenses low and bring in extra money, but Agnes is frustrated with being treated like a child. After a successful recommendation from an acquaintance and her parents' permission, Agnes travels to the Bloomfield family to work as a governess — no matter her misgivings about the job.

Notable characters: Agnes Grey, Edward Weston, Rosalie Murray, Sir Thomas Ashby, Nancy Brown, the Bloomfields, the Murrays

About Anne Brontë

Anne Bronte, born in Thornton, Yorkshire, England, on 17 January 1820, was the youngest daughter of Patrick Brontë and Mary Branwell. She was the youngest of six children, four of whom survived to adulthood. Anne Brontë is a British novelist and poet and one of the most famous writers of English literature. However, before becoming an acclaimed writer, Anne worked as a governess. As a governess, she was able to gain firsthand experience in the lives of the English upper classes and their families, which would later shape the characters and storylines of Agnes Grey. Anne Bronte was the youngest member of the Brontë sisters, along with her famous sisters, Charlotte Brontë and Emily Brontë. Find out more about Anne Brontë at

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